Review of the complete work methodology and development process of our Turnkey solutions

Planning Phase

Understanding your needs and requirements to compile a detailed specification documents, either provided by you or defined by us for you. 

Processing the project specifications to form a work plan that is optimized to your quality, performance, cost and schedule needs.


Electronic Development

Years of experience in broad range of electronic engineering areas results with a professional output in all of the electronic aspects of the project.

  • Circuit design
  • Simulation
  • Board design
  • Firmware design

Mechanical Development

Anything from rugged casing, hardware considerations, user interface, environmental conditions requirements. 

Thermal Analysis

Analysis and verification

Series of analysis and verification procedures are performed to make sure the project meets the strictest industry standards and your specific requirements. 

  • Thermal analysis.
  • Dynamic analysis.
  • Reliability analysis.
  • EMC analysis and tests.
  • Environmental tests.
  • Safety analysis and tests.


We have the capabilities to provide both prototype and mass production services with high quality.

All is produced according to industry and customer standards. 

Before delivering, a series of strict tests are performed to make sure each unit is qualified for shipping. 

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